Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Acceptance and Regret

I was a miracle
I wasn't in the best years of your life.
I was a source of pride
I wasn't important enough to call for years
I was the past, never the present and
I wasn't a reason to stop

You made magic but
Christmas stopped around 21
I was your Fritz but
I wasn't someone to stand up for
maybe that was the worst
I wasn't a reason to stop

I was across the world, the country but
I wasn't someone you missed
I was fun to have lunch with
I wasn't worth crossing your comfort zone
I was the celebration of the job
I wasn't more than a mistake sometimes
depending on who asked, I guess

I was your favorite kid but
I wasn't worth taking care of
I wasn't special enough to get treatment
while it was still possible.
I wasn't really, was I?

I wasn't a real person to you.
I wasn't deserving of your passion.
I wasn't deserving of the hero of my childhood

I won't be regretful
I won't be resentful
It was what it was
and I won't be the last person you ask for.